Are All Nugget Ice Makers Noisy? Let’s find out

When taking a quick trip to the review section of the most popular nugget ice maker products on the internet, you can see that the noise being generated by nugget ice makers is one of the main pain points among users.

nugget ice maker

But are ALL nugget ice makers noisy though? 

Well… yes, kind of. If you go through the list of nugget ice makers I have reviewed (more info), you can see that noise is a very common “issue”.

Like all ice makers, pebble ice makers are known to be quite noisy. This has to do with various factors which we’ll cover in a moment. However, there are some ice machines that are quieter than others.

If you want to know which ones, keep reading!

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Why Is My Nugget Ice Maker So Loud?

Pellet ice makers are noisy simply due to the fact that creating nugget ice on a larger scale requires quite a bit of power and sophisticated technology. 

When we look at how nugget ice makers work, we can see that the process of creating nugget ice involves a lot of different complicated steps and moving parts. As movement causes vibration, obviously, this will cause the ice maker to vibrate.

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The biggest source of noise from most nugget ice makers is the vibrations caused by the machine running which then transfer into the counter. Hard surfaces will cause these vibrations to be very noticeable.

This vibration is also the cause of heat that is often generated by nugget ice makers (which is another pain point among users).

In general, most residential countertop nugget ice makers (like the opal countertop nugget ice maker) will give off around 53 Db when running. 

Is There A Way To Make My Nugget Ice Maker Quiter?

The constant sound of the nugget ice maker running can start to be a nuisance to you and those around you after a while. So it’s perfectly understandable if you want to make your sonic ice maker quieter.

As I said before, the biggest source of noise are the vibrations that are transfered into the counter. So, an extremely simple and straightforward way to muffle some of the noise caused by your nugget ice maker would be to apply a soft layer of padding underneath which acts as an anti-vibration mount. Placing your pellet ice maker on a rubber mat or any other similar soft material can definitely dampen the noise.

However, if you really can’t stand loud noises, then I’d definitely recommend you to just buy the quietest nugget ice maker available. The difference between the quietest nugget ice maker and the average one is quite noticeable (decibel scales are exponential as opposed to linear). 

Top 3 Quitest Nugget Ice Makers

The Northair nugget ice maker isn’t only super fast, but also one of the quietest pellet ice makers currently available.

It is said that this ice maker produces around 38 Db when running. 

Some users compared the noise being generated by this machine to that of rain drops.

The Crownful Nugget ice maker is one of the newest models that also happens to be one of the quietest available right now.

This model produces around 48 Db when running. Many users complimented the machine for its low noisy production. 

Some people compares the noise being generated by this machine to that of a slightly quiter diswasher.

The Frigidair countertop nugget ice maker isn’t only one of the cheapest models available, it’s also very quiet

This model is said to produce around 35 Db when running. However, many users commented that it is definitely louder than this. So that is why it’s in third place.

However, when compared to the average nugget ice maker (like GE Opal and NewAir, it is definitely quiter).


There you have it! Everything you need to know about chewy ice makers and noise production.

If you’re looking to buy a nugget ice maker, make sure to visit the rolled ice cream mix homepage to explore the best nugget ice makers currently available!

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