NewAir Nugget Ice Maker

With almost 300 reviews on Amazon, the NewAir nugget ice maker is one of the most popular countertop pellet ice makers out there. 

Is it because of the specs? Let’s find out!

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NewAir Nugget Ice Machine Specs

Product description

The “Good Ice” Has Never Tasted So Good: The nugget ice you love has never tasted crunchier or good to chew. The NewAir nugget ice is smaller than a sugar cube, but just as delightful to chew and just as satisfyingly soft. It’s the snowy pellets that instantly chill your drinks. Someone with pica, or who simply loves to chew this crunchy ice, knows that nugget ice is hard to find. Curb your cravings from home with an ice maker that gives you your favorite ice in an instant.

Fastest Nugget Ice Maker on the Market:
Most compact ice makers take 20 minutes to make a full batch of ice. We designed the NewAir Nugget Ice Maker with a high-power cooling process to make it more efficient and faster than any other model on the market. Get a first batch of ice in 5 minutes.

Keep the “Good Ice” Insulated and Ready to Enjoy:
An extra-thick wall keeps the crunchy NewAir ice colder-for-longer for unmatched ice retention. Our Nugget Ice Maker makes sure the “good ice” stays the “good ice”, so it is ready to enjoy when you are.

Clean Ice and Drinks that are Safe to Sip:
Our nugget ice maker comes with a simple-to-use, self-cleaning function. It is also built from BPA-free parts, so you get clean ice that makes your drinks safe to sip.

From NewAir

  • [A CULT FAVORITE] – Some know it as the holy grail of the ice world. “Nugget ice” is smaller than a sugar cube, but just as delightfully soft and satisfying to chew. Curb your cravings from the comfort of your own home with an ice maker that gives you your favorite ice in an instant.
  • [FASTEST NUGGET ICE MAKER ON THE MARKET] – Most compact ice makers take 20 minutes to start producing ice. We designed this nugget ice maker with a high-power cooling process to make it more efficient and faster than any other model on the market. Get your first scoop in less than 12 minutes. 
  • [MELT-RESISTANT INTERIOR] – Keep your ice colder for longer thanks to the ultra-insulated storage area inside this ice maker. Forgot about the last cubes? No worries. Water from melted ice drains back into the machine and is recycled in the next round of ice making. Refrigerant Type: R-134A | Display Type: On/Off Switch
  • [COMPACT, COUNTERTOP SIZE] – There are many commercial nugget ice makers out there, but they cost thousands of dollars and don’t fit seamlessly into the home. We designed the to be compact, so you can get the crunchy ice you crave right from your kitchen counter.
  • [SELF-CLEANING FUNCTION AND BPA-FREE PARTS] – Keeping your ice maker free of mold and mildew is a piece of cake, thanks to the self-cleaning system. This ice maker is also made entirely of BPA-free plastic, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals in your ice.

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Decent is the best word to describe this nugget ice maker. The NewAir ice machine is good, but not great. Although the specs look pretty good, lots of users commented having some problems with this specific model.

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