Large Ice Cube Makers For Home: The Best Of 2022

Why is there a single, giant ice cube in my drink?!

Well, chances are you’re having a  whisky or some high-end liquor. The role of that single cube of ice is crucial; it’s the difference between a cold drink and a cold, watery one.

Block ice

Ice cubes come in many shape and forms, in fact, they even differ in texture. But they all serve the same purpose – to chill your beverage. That big ice cube chills your drink without diluting it.

Ice cube

Smaller ice cubes melt quicker than larger ones, releasing water into the drink. Why do bigger ones melt slower? Well, because there’s less surface area on large cubes of ice than there would be on multiple smaller cubes. That’s why they’re made big, and that’s why they cool the drink yet don’t water it down, or at least not too quickly.

There are two ways to make large ice cubes: by yourself at home, or purchase a large ice cube maker. Let’s look at both, and see which suits you best.

Making Large Ice Cubes With Ice Cube Molds

Ordinary ice cubes are made in trays or molds, and so are large ice cubes. 

Big Ice Cube Molds Combo
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The Glacio Ice Cube Tray
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The Glacio Round Ice Cube Mould
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The “G” Ice Mold
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McGriff Crystal Clear Sphere & Diamond Mold
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Cirrus Ice Ball Press – The Premium Package
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1. Big Ice Cube Molds Combo

There are square molds, and there are rounded molds. Here’s a Big Ice Cube Molds Combo, to make both square and spherical ice cubes; it sells for $ 18.49 on Amazon.


2. The Glacio Ice Cube Tray

There are many types of molds and trays. Here’s another one, Glacio Ice Cube Tray for making 8 giant ice cubes at a go. It’s made from silicone, and comes in a pack of 2 trays. $ 16.99 on Amazon.


3. The Glacio Round Ice Cube Mould

Here’s one that makes elegant, rounded ice instead – the glacio Round Ice Cube Molds, which comes in a set of 4 molds.


4. The “G” Ice Mold

If you’d like something a little different vis-à-vis your ice cubes, try this DRINKSPLINKS Silicone G Ice Mold. It makes ice in the shape of the letter G! Rather cute, don’t you think? Sells for $ 19.99.


5. McGriff Crystal Clear Sphere & Diamond Mold

Here’s something unique – McGriff Crystal Clear Sphere & Diamond Molds. This set of molds makes ice in the shape of spheres – and diamonds


According to the manufacturer, advanced technology freezes the water slowly from the top-down, removing bubbles in the process, providing amazing crystal clear, flawless clarity to the frozen spheres and diamonds. So go ahead and plop a diamond cube into your beverage of choice! $ 69.95 for the set.

6. Cirrus Ice Ball Press – The Premium Package

Here’s something unique: A really classy ice press! Besides the sheer good looks, this kit makes really large, possibly the largest, icy spheres you could hope for, a magnificent 2.75” in diameter. What you get are huge, round ice balls, an absolute delight. $ 1,099.99 on Amazon.

It takes time to produce large ice cubes with trays and molds, and this is determined by the type of freezer you have at home, more than anything else. A stand-alone or a garage freezer works best; the colder air generated by this class of freezers help water freeze faster.

A regular freezer in a refrigerator works just as well, but it’s slower. There’s a better alternative, though, if you’re a die-hard fan of big ice – large ice cube makers for your home.  Yes, there are actually large ice cube makers, much like those that make regular ice cubes.

Large Ice Cube Makers For Home

1. Manitowoc’s CrystalCraft Premier™ Model USE0050A

This unique ice maker sits under the counter, and produces craft cocktail 1.5″ clear square cubes, which is another term for large ice-cubes. Click this link for details.

A well-designed, robust product, coupled with good looks, it’s our pick for best home large ice cube maker.

2. Hoshizaki IM-50BAA-Q Round Ice Maker

Don’t forget spherical ice makers! The Hoshizaki IM-50BAA-Q  is quite a work-horse and is small enough to sit under the counter. These  ice makers come with a durable, stainless-steel exterior that can put up with quite a bit of punishment.

An amazing fact

In the city of New York, so important is ice, and so particular are certain bars about the quality of their ice, that a company called Hundredweight Ice supplies specially made  ice to them; designer ice, you might say. How cool is that?

These purveyors of ice have been, in their words, fabricating and delivering crystal-clear ice to bars and restaurants throughout New York City and beyond since 2011. Check them out here!

Besides the size, consider some other factors when deliberating on your ice cube of choice.

Did you know hot water produces the clearest ice?

Nugget ice maker

Or that nugget ice is consistently chosen as the best ice to put in any beverage? The way it’s made makes it slow-melting, and for those of you who can’t resist crunching on cubes, it’s apparently the crunchiest ice around, and you can make it at home!

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