Are Nugget Ice Makers Really Worth it?

As I explained on my homepage, there is a real hype going on around countertop nugget ice makers.

People can’t seem to get enough of “the good-ice” a.k.a. sonic ice, which definitely shows on social media and online forums.

However, most of these handy little chewy ice makers are quite expensive, which leads to people asking themselves the question “are nugget ice makers actually worth it?”

Of course, there is no universal answer to this question, as it mostly depends on personal preference.

However, by asking the right questions and weighing the pro’s against the cons, it’s easy to come to a meaningful conclusion.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to help you with today.

So let’s jump in!

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The Benefits of Having a Nugget Ice Maker at Home

Is the nugget ice maker worth it?
  • The first and most obvious benefit of having a nugget ice maker at home, is being able to enjoy nugget ice at the pres of a button. Since it’s impossible to make sonic ice with the same chewy structure without a nugget ice maker, simply being able to enjoy nugget ice at your own convenience is a pretty big pro.

  • Easy to create new ice when necessary – We’ve all been there, just when you’re in need of some ice, you find yourself standing in front of an empty freezer. Creating new ice cubes with an ice tray will take 3-4 hours, which isn’t really an option, since you’re longing for an ice cold cocktail or slushie right now. When you have your own nugget ice maker, you simply have to wait a few minutes before the first nuggets start pouring out. That’s a pretty big pro too!

  • No need to go to the shop anymore for ice – Not having to go anywhere for ice is a great plus as well. We all have our days, where we’re stuck in low gear and simply don’t want to leave the house. When the need for a cold drink arises, it’s pretty darn convenient to have a nugget ice maker at home. This way, we can keep our comfy joggers on, sit on the couch and enjoy our cold drink in peace.

  • Great for parties, BBQ’s and other social gatherings – Organising a party or BBQ can definitely be a hassle. Having a nugget ice maker at home means you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Everyone will be able to enjoy a cold drink without you having to buy and store massive amounts of ice. Simply turn on the nugget ice maker, and the ice will keep on coming!

  • Countertop nugget ice makers are easy to transport, meaning you can easily take it with you to your friends or family, helping everyone to get their fill of the good-ice, and making you the “cool guy/girl” of the group (pun intended ;)).

  • Other benefits of nugget ice makers (which applies to most models) are that they are easy to install, very user-friendly and easy to clean with their own cleaning functions.

The Cons of Having a Nugget Ice Maker at Home

Man thinking should i buy a nugget ice maker
  • The biggest con of Countertop Nugget Ice Makers is that they’re pretty loud – Due to their high power and capacity, most nugget ice makers will make some noise when producing sonic ice. This can definitely be seen as a con if you have a small home/apartment and enjoy your peace and quiet over a cold cocktail.

  • Most Nugget/ Pellet ice makers take up quite a bit of space on the counter – Although the countertop models are relatively compact, they can still occupy a large part of the surface of your counter. Especially if you have a small kitchen/counter, this can be seen as a con.

  • It can be quite a hefty investment – Especially when you’re on a budget, saving for a nugget ice maker can take quite some time.

  • Risk of defects and other annoyances – As with any other piece of technology, nugget ice makers can have defects or small points of irritations (such as a dripping ice tray) which can definitely be annoying at times.

Questions To Ask Yourself

When buying a new (expensive) piece of equipment, it’s always beneficial to ask yourself some critical questions, such as: “Do I really want it?”, “What will I do with it?”, “How often will I use it?” and last but not least “Can I really afford it?”.

If the answers to these questions are totally clear, can make your final decision.


So in order for you to be able to answer the question “is the nugget ice maker worth it?“, you simply have to weigh the pro’s against the cons and answer the mentioned critical questions as honestly as possible.

In my own honest opinion, I think having a nugget ice maker at home is priceless. I use my GE Opal Countertop Nugget Ice Maker almost every day. It brings a lot of joy and convenience to me and my family, and I can’t really picture my kitchen without one anymore.

Besides, it’s impossible to get the soft and chewy texture that we all love by creating nugget ice by hand.

What do you think? Do you think a nugget ice maker is worth it for you? Let me know in the comments below!

For more info on nugget ice makers (including in-depth reviews and buying guides) check out my homepage!

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