If you’re looking to buy a nugget ice maker, then you came to the right place!

Because in this article, i’ll be showing you exactly what features and traits to look at, and what’s most important when buying a nugget ice maker.

So let’s dive in!

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What Nugget Ice Maker To Buy

When choosing a nugget ice maker, there are 5 factors that are most important, these are production capacity, ice storage capacity, speed, size and features, and traits.

Let’s have a look at each one in detail!

Production Capacity

I would argue that production capacity is the most important factor when it comes to choosing a nugget ice maker. The production capacity between ice machines varies a lot (anywhere from 24 lbs a day to 500+ lbs a day).

In this case, your needs really depend on what you want to do with your nugget ice maker and how many people are going to use it.

If you’re a party animal and are planning to use the machine for a lot of parties/ BBQ’s, then you might want to consider a more powerful one that can produce massive amounts of ice a day.

If only you and your family are going to use the machine, any icemaker with a normal production capacity (+/- 20 lbs) will provide you with sufficient ice.

Ice Storage Capacity

Another important factor when choosing a sonic ice maker is ice storage capacity. It’s important because it doesn’t only determine how much ice you can store each batch, but also how long it takes before the ice starts to melt.

When the ice basketice tray is large, fresh ice will melt slower as the temperature is lower.

Therefore, it’s recommended to go with a nugget ice maker with a decent storage compartment. It’ll keep your ice from melting and you’ll be able to enjoy more nuggets each batch!


If you’re as impatient as me, then speed is definitely an important factor for your nugget ice maker. No one wants to wait around half an hour before they can get to enjoy their sonic ice. That’s why you should always look for an ice maker with a fast turnaround time.

Keep in mind, the first batch always takes a bit more time as it has to start up. The following batches are produced much faster (in general).

If you really don’t like waiting, it’s recommended to choose an ice maker that has Bluetooth connectivity/ an app with which you can schedule and plan your batches. That way you can create a batch ahead of time and enjoy it right when you need it!


The ideal or maximum sonic ice maker size really depends on your room design, layout and other kitche appliance. If you don’t have a lot of space for a big ice machine, then you’ll naturally have to go for a more compact size.

Keep in mind that some nugget ice makers require some clearance on the side for the air intake (which might cause you to lose even more space)

Features and Traits

Lastly, you’ll want to look at the pellet ice maker’s features and traits.

Are you looking for maximum ease of use? Then you might want to opt for a self-dispensing ice machine.

Do you want to schedule your batches? Then you might want to opt for an ice maker with Bluetooth connectivity.

Do you hate noise? Then you might want to opt for the more silent nugget ice makers.

Of course, this all depends on your individual wants and needs, so make sure to do your research!

There you have it! Everything you need to know to choose the best nugget ice maker for home!

What Brand Of Ice Maker To Choose For Nugget Ice

The best nugget ice maker brands

If you’d like some advice on which brands we consider the best for nugget ice makers, I highly recommend you take a look at our complete list of the best nugget ice makers in 2021.

It contains reviews, ratings buying guides, and everything else about the best nugget ice makers for home!


There you have it! Everything you need to know about how to choose a nugget ice maker. 

Let us know which nugget ice maker you’re looking to buy, and if this article was helpful at all!

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