What are the Best Residential Nugget Ice Makers?

In general, nugget ice makers can be divided into 2 categories: commercial ice makers and residential ice makers.

Nugget Ice Maker
Nugget Ice Maker

Unless you’re planning to make ice for a small village, a residential nugget ice maker will probably suffice. (if you do you can check some of the commercial nugget ice makers in my full list of best nugget ice makers here)

If you’re wondering which nugget ice maker is best for residential use, you’re in luck!

In this article, we’ll explore the 4 best residential nugget ice makers that’ll keep you chilled at the comfort of your home!

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1. GE Profile Opal | Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

If I had to recommend the best nugget ice maker machine, the GE Profile Opal would be number one on my list.

The GE Profile Opal is an excellent countertop ice maker that is very portable and comes with Bluetooth connectivity.

Of course, with its BlueTooth connectivity feature, you can control the nugget ice maker using your smartphone. This handy little feature enables you to schedule your batches ahead of time which is great since it takes some time to complete a whole batch.

This nugget ice maker can produce 24 lbs. of nugget ice on a daily basis (at least one pound of nugget ice per hour if you do the math).

If you want to purchase the GE Profile Opal, make sure to check out the full review by clicking the button above! Here you’ll find all the pro’s and cons of the GE Opal Ice Maker.

The second nugget ice maker machine on my list would be the FRIGIDAIRE EFIC235. This is another wonderful countertop nugget ice maker that provides great value for your money. It’s definitely a cheaper nugget ice maker, but you’ll also have to do with less fancy bells and whistles such as BlueTooth connectivity.

Still, it’s a beast when it comes to producing crunchy nugget ice. The FRIGIDAIRE EFIC235 can serve you up to 44 pounds of nugget ice per day with a turnaround time of just 15 minutes. It also has an automatic feature where the melted ice water will be reproduced as another nugget ice batch!

If you want to purchase the FRIGIDAIRE EFIC235, click the button above and find out everything you need to know before you buy!

The third nugget ice maker on the list would be the KBice ice maker. This nugget ice maker is super user-friendly as it has a self-dispensing feature. Simply put a glass under the dispenser and watch your glass being filled with delicious nugget ice at the press of a button!

Similar to most other countertop nugget ice makers, this handy ice machine also has a built-in self-cleaning feature which makes cleaning it a lot easier.

The KBice ice maker machine enables you to produce at least 30 pounds of ice per day.

If you’re thinking about buying this super user-friendly machine, make sure to check out my full review!

The last but definitely not the least on the list would be the CROWNFUL Nugget Ice maker. This nugget ice maker is a solid choice which enables you to produce crunchy and chewable ice (unlike the pre-made ice in the freezer).

If you don’t enjoy the hassle of refilling the water tank, this model gives you the choice to plug it in directly to your water supply. This feature is definitely a time saver!

When it comes to producing nugget ice, the CROWNFUL Nugget Ice maker is pretty fast with a turnaround time of just 18 minutes. It can produce an estimated 26 pounds of nugget ice in a day.

If you want to know all the pro’s and cons of the Crownful nugget ice maker, be sure to check the full review by clicking the button above!


There you have it! Everything you need to know about the best residential nugget ice makers out there!

Make sure to check out my homepage for a full list of all the best nugget ice makers out there, including ratings, FAQ’s (such as why are nugget ice makers noisy?) and buying guides!

If you have any questions feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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