About us

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Hello and Welcome to our blog!

Rolled ICE cream mix is a website that is dedicated to helping people find the best nugget/sonic ice makers.

The idea started a few years back when my wife and I were gifted a nugget ice maker by my parents for our anniversary.

My wife went on and on about how good the sonic ice tasted every time we visited them (they had their own countertop nugget ice maker).

This is why they decided to buy us one (and finally be done with having the same conversation, no doubt).

The ice maker became one of the most used pieces of equipment in our kitchen, especially during those hot summer days.

Unfortunately, the machine didn’t last too long (it was one of the cheaper models).

But since we had grown so used to having this useful machine in our kitchen, we decided to buy a new one. One of better quality.

There wasn’t a lot of information on the web on nugget ice makers so we had to do a little research (We take these kinds of things a bit too serious 😅).

After a few weeks of research, we knew everything there is to know about these practical machines and got ourselves a great deal.

But my wife and I thought to ourselves, “Why stop here?”.

There must be other people who love sonic/nugget ice as much as we do and are thinking about buying a nugget ice maker.

These people will probably want to make a well-considered choice when buying a nugget ice maker, just like us.

That’s why we decided to create a website solely for this reason.

My wife and I started brainstorming in the kitchen and used all kinds of objects we could find in the kitchen to come up with a name.

And so Rolled Ice Cream Mix was born!

On this website you will find the best nugget ice makers reviews, ratings and buying guides.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at scottcarswell1985@gmail.com!